The Order is Unleashed!


After what seems like way too long, Netflix has finally released “The Order,” the supernatural drama series created by Dennis Heaton, with an episode written by Jason Filiatrault (who writes all these posts in the third person). The binge-worthy series has quickly become a hot topic online, and was listed as #2 on Rotten Tomatoes “Hot TV” list in its first week of release.

Starring Jake Manley and Sarah Grey, the series follows the struggles and triumphs of Jack Morton, college freshman as he tries to infiltrate the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose with an eye on revenge – only to have his plans turned upside when he encounters magic, werewolves, monsters, and his father!

No word yet on a second season, but the show has garnered hugs buzz on social media, especially surrounding its controversial season finale and the shows refreshing amount of humour and satire.

Jason write the fifth episode of the season and served as story editor throughout production. The Order is available now on Netflix worldwide.

Jason Filiatrault