Recent Projects

When I tell people I write screenplays they usually ask if I’ve written anything they might have seen.
Because I’ve never written a Marvel movie, I say “no" and send them to this page.

THE ORDER (2019)

A darkly comic supernatural drama, “The Order” is a Netflix original series about secret societies, werewolves, and magic. The series premiered in March, 2019 to great reviews and massive online engagement. Season 2 is in production now and will debut in 2020.

Jason is a co-producer and writer on the series.


A surreal romantic dramedy, Entanglement marked Jason Filiatrault’s feature debut. The film premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival and played theatrically all across North America and is currently available on Netflix and iTunes

Entanglement won the Writers Guild of Canada award for Best Feature Screenplay in 2018.


An instant cult-classic, A Christmas Horror Story is a hilarious and terrifying anthology feature that brings terror to the holidays.

Jason was lucky enough to write scenes for the legendary William Shatner, in interstitial moments throughout the film.